History of IFMGA

The IFMGA was founded in 1965 by Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.
National associations joined or were suspended in the following order:
1969 Germany
1973 Canada
1976 South Tyrol
1977 Great Britain
1981 New Zealand
1982 Norway
1990 Peru
1991 Japan
1994 Spain
1996 Slovakia
1997 Slovenia
1997 Sweden
1997 USA
2000 Poland
2004 Bolivia (First country without skiing; the ENSA in Chamonix is currently responsible for training.)
2005 Argentina and Greece. (Greece must train for skiing and high alpine tours under supervision in the Alps)
2006 Czech Republic
2009 Greece’s membership is suspended due to a lack of training
2011 The five Greek mountain guides join another national association and must attend a further education course there in order to keep their international certification
2012 Nepal can be admitted as a member. 24 mountain guides have got the IFMGA certification.
2017 Ecuador
The IFMGA history in more details.