Nature and Environment

Mountain Guides are stewards of the natural environment

Mountain guides have a strong connection to nature, largely due to the many personal and working adventures they have had in the outdoors. They have extensive training in understanding the geology, fauna and flora of the mountain environment. Many of them have grown up in this environment and, as a result, have developed a powerful relationship to it. No one can be a mountain guide without loving the mountains.

In these hectic times, mountains offer a place of beauty and tranquility. This can be found not only by those seeking simple adventures, but also by those wishing to challenge themselves. Each in their ways, mountains and mountain guides teach us about the joys of experiencing the natural environment.

Environment protection

National mountain guides associations and the IFMGA work hard to respect and protect the natural environment.


With this in mind, the Environmental and Sustainable Access Commission in collaboration with UIAA and GRID Arendal have organized a series of events called Mountain Talks webinar series, an initiative looking to create conversations around topics of interest for the profession.