Cortina d'Ampezzo will host the 2023 "Alpine Guides’ International Climbing Meeting".

Cortina360 with its indoor climbing gym "Lino Lacedelli" will be the frontrunner for this heartfelt event sought after by guides from all over Europe. A way to allow the Guides and their families to get to know and appreciate Cortina’s mountains.
Born in the spring of 2018 from the will of a group of Alpine Guides who had decided to turn their passion into a profession. The team consists of mountain professionals trained by the National College of Mountain Guides and international UIAGM and UIMLA. 
The CORTINA 360 GROUP is composed of twenty Alpine Guides, almost all of them local as well as experienced experts of the territory and its peculiarities. 
CORTINA 360 encompasses 3 different realities:
-  CORTINA 360 SRL which is responsible for the management of the Indoor Climbing Gym with its rental service and Guide’s Bar, the tour operator Ski Rock Adventure, Heli-skiing and Destination Management.
-  Alpine Guides CORTINA 360 which is responsible for all the activities related to the  Alpine Guides. 
- ASD CORTINA 360, an amateur sports association. 
Cortina d'Ampezzo, known worldwide for being the Queen of the Dolomites, is located at 1224 m above sea level, boasts being crowned by some of the most famous Dolomite peaks in the world: from Croda da Lago, to Nuvolau, from the spectacular Cinque Torri, to the Tofane group, not to mention Cristallo, Faloria and Sorapiss that surround Cortina majestically.
On the 26th of June 2009, UNESCO included the Dolomites in the prestigious World Natural Heritage List for their monumental beauty. Now, therefore, the mountains of the Queen of the Dolomites are rightly recognized among the most beautiful mountains on earth.
Cortina owes its fame to the 1956 Winter Olympics and is once again, after 70 years, preparing to welcome the 2026 Olympics Winter Games.
The Corso Italia is, without a doubt, the beating heart of the town, animated by restaurants, hotels, shops and commercial activities including the historic Cooperative, all of which make Cortina the mountain resort par excellence.
The strength of the Ampezzo Valley lies in its rich natural heritage coupled with the landscape of rare beauty which is the Regional Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Cortina is ideal for sports lovers both in the summer and winter seasons. From skiing to snowshoeing, from freeride to back country skiing, from hiking to mountaineering, from mountain biking to via ferrata, these are just some of the activities that can be practiced in the Ampezzo Valley. 
It is Important to remember that the guides who accompanied the explorers of the Dolomites, coming from all over the world to conquer its highest peaks, where born here. Cortina is home to great alpinists such as Angelo Dibona and Lino Lacedelli, representatives of the ”Scoiattoli Group" founded in 1939 and characterized by their famous red sweater.
Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas for climbing in the Alps. It has always attracted experienced climbers and novice enthusiasts. It boasts over 1000 classic and modern routes as well as numerous cliffs equipped for sport climbing. Climbing here allows you to totally immerse yourself in nature, in close contact with the rock, while at the same time enjoying the adrenaline of climbing and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.
In December 2023 it will be the mountains of Cortina d'Ampezzo’s turn to host about 200 Guides, from all over the world, who will meet here for a friendly competition, and experience a unique place at 360 degrees.