IFMGA 2019 General Assembly

From the 26 to the 30 of November, in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, the 2020 General Assembly took place in the Inacayal Hotel. This year, the Argentinian Mountain Guides Association was the host of the meeting.

The 4-day agenda started on Tuesday, with the registration of all the attendees to the meeting, with more than 22 associations listed to attend the workshops for the consecutive days.

On Wednesday, the meeting started with the Mobility Workshop, with Christian Thrommsdorff, the former president, who introduced several topics regarding political and databases issues, followed by the “Platform Evolution” Workshop to later close the day with a Key-Tasks and structure and management of the IFMGA review. On the second day the Technical Committee Quality Management in training and the Environmental and Access Comissions exposed their work and goals throughout the year. The afternoon closed with the “Political Workshop” where the Communication work from the year was reviewed and other topics regarding the management of the federation were discussed.

Thanks to the work of the Environmental and Access Commission, the assembly moved forward to sign an commitment to implement the principles enshrined in the Sports for #ClimateAction Framework and to communicate this intention to our member associations and the general public, reporting publicly on progress.

The most important event from this assembly was the election of the new president of the IFMGA. As Christian Thrommsdorff stepped out, finishing his period, after the Political Workshop, the candidates Diego Wellig and Peter Cliff exposed for half an hour each their view of the management of the board and presidency work for the next period. After this, the delegates from each association, voted to choose the new members of the board, being Walter Zörer and Peter Cliff, appointed to the next period.

Next in the agenda, the assembly organized and developed the election for the next president of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association. As the assembly gathered and voted, Peter Cliff, Honorary Member of the IFMGA was chosen and led by Christian Trommsdorff on the issues pendant on the agenda for the day.

Is with great wishes that from the federation we closed an amazing assembly, in the beautiful city of Bariloche. It is always a pleasure to gather among the ones that support the mountain guide profession to continue working on the work of guides worldwide. We open a new period, with the expectation of all the topics discussed and some new work ahead of us.