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Technical Director: 

Corona Info

Everyone needs to test at the border and if coming from a red country – 10 days of quarantine

Start date and expiry date of the measures in force? NOT UPDATED

  • 13/3-26/4

Possibility of guiding for foreign (non-resident) guides, yes/no, date?

  • Yes

Possibility of coming to the country for foreign (non-resident) tourists, yes/no, date?

  • At the moment the borders are still closed for tourism, we hope for normalization in June, for now all people coming into Norway needs fourteen days of quarantine. There is a debate if we only shall open to countries with low infection rates, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. Not opening to Sweden…

cable car open, yes/no, date?

  • Yes

open hut, yes/no, date?

  • Some bigger juts open, smaller ones will open end of june

Not allowed activities (Mountain Sector), what are they?

  • none

maximum group size?

  • For community 20, for guidine 1:5 (skiing)

Protective measures

  • social distancing: minimum 1m, outdoor sports 2m
  • wearing a mask: indoor no, outdoor no
  • wearing of gloves: no, only in case of direct contact (rescue, etc.)

additional comments:

baselines or patterns for the current situation: 

  • Guests and mountain guides must be symptom free when at the start of tour/course
  • All planning and preparation is conducted outdoors.
  • Not more than 5 persons in each group including guide on skiing/glacier, and 3 persons in climbing terrain.
  • Keep a distance of minimum 2 meters
  • Traveling should as long as it is possible take place in cars with maximum two persons, more if they are family.
  • All guiding activities should present a risk- and vulnerability analysis to the local/communal medical infection control to get their approval
  • Be even more risk reluctant than normal

With this in mind, the practicalities must be adapted to the specific situation (topography, guests, activity), i.e. in climbing the choice of route should allow space (big ledges), the possibility to use two belays to keep the guide/guest separated, reducing contact to “passing” as in shops. The point is that the singular guide must optimise his/her practise to ensure infection control, there is no blueprint. The recommendation are valid until mid-June or “further notice”.”

Specific documents:

Links to further information

As for guiding – outdoors – keep distance!