Asociación Española de Guias de Montaña

Technical Director: 

Corona Info

Start date and expiry date of the measures in force?

  • 14.3.2020 – ??

Possibility of guiding for foreign (non-resident) guides, yes/no, date?

  • Yes, from 11.05.2020

possibility of coming to the country for foreign (non-resident) tourists, yes/no, date?

  • At the moment the borders are still closed for tourism, we hope for an opening in July 2020

open hut, yes/no, date?

  • No, probably partially open from beginning of July. Ask directly to the hut keepers.

Not allowed activities (Mountain Sector), what are they?

  • none

maximum group size?

  • Depends of the region and the situation in the process (Covid-19). We hope there is no restrictions for mountain sector in the beginning of July.

Protective measures

  • social distancing: minimum 2m (in and outdoor)
  • wearing a mask: indoor yes, outdoor only if it´s no possible to keep the social distance (2m)
  • wearing of gloves: no, only in case of direct contact (rescue, etc.)

Specific documents for mountain guides

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Links to further information

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