Official Partner

We are proud to announce and welcome the Austrian family-owned company LENZ as the official main sponsor of the IFMGA! Since 1987, Lenz products have remained true to the motto "Leading by Innovation". With numerous patents, they compete with the leading brands in functional underwear and socks. In the field of heated textiles such as socks, gloves, pants and vests, Lenz is partly the world market leader and sets the standards in this segment with innovative solutions.
For us, this is a very exciting and valuable collaboration. We want to make each other's brands better known through the various communication channels. Through exciting stories of our work, we carry the Lenz brand into our networks and, vice versa, our IFMGA contributions are made visible to new target groups via Lenz's international network.
In addition, we have access to high-quality products that support us in our daily work - and at highly discounted prices . In return, our valuable feedback is used by Lenz to further develop their products.  
Lenz is a small family business based in Austria and managed by the second generation. Connected to home means that all products are developed in Austria and all textiles are produced in Europe. We welcome this holistic view of Lenz in terms of sustainability and treating the earth as gently as possible. This makes Lenz the perfect partner for us, so that we can do our work in the mountains of this world with more safety and more comfort. Our bonus: IFMGA mountain guides all over the world receive a 40% discount on all Lenz products for personal use.
Please check directly with your member association for details.