General Assembly 2020 - Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the 2020 General Assembly. As you know, the previous day, amendments and suggestions were received by email, and today they were discussed and voted. 
Part of the agenda for today included the Annual Report presentation, that included information from the work made by members of the commissions on each subject. To find these reports you can browse through the ADMIN page of
In case of further questions, contact us through social media or email to and we will try to answer your doubts. 
As well as with the Bylaws, Budget questions were also allowed and discussed. The day closed with the presentation of the nominated candidate for the secretary position. This year we will say goodbye to our dear friend Emmanuel Wasserman, thanking him for the work he has done over the years. Secretary emails voting cards on all Motions by 19.00 CET. MA’s are requested to return them by email before 11.00 CET on Friday 27th.