IFMGA General Assembly

Monday, November 26, 2018 to Saturday, December 1, 2018
Schruns in Montafon

The general meeting of the IFMGA will take place this fall in Schruns in Montafon. In the same time there will be the IFMGA climbing championships nearby in Dornbirn and also different CPD programs for mountain guides. For accompaning people we will organize different programs  around Montafon and also on the evenings we have invitations for all. The plan is that not only the delegates should be here in Schruns but also many mountain guides from different countries and their partners should come and make this IFMGA meeting to a big international social event  for mountain guides.




We want to invite all the delegates, honorary members and their partners, but also all guides who will take part at the climbing championship and/or the cpd programs  with their partners to be our very special guest in Schruns in Montafon.


We hope, that really many of you will follow tihs invitation and we will have a very special mountain guides event and meeting this fall.

At the same time there will be the very interesting program of the Montafoner Gipfeltreffens where you all can take part and the mountain film and multimedia show Gratwanderung.


For your accompaning partnrs and also for yourselves there will be different trips and excursions in Montafon and Vorarlberg during the days and of course invitation to the evening programs of our meetings!


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We are happy to see you soon in Montafon/Vorarlberg


Hanno Dönz


In the name of the organizing team Vorarlberg Mountain Guides Association


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