IFMGA General Meeting

Between the 28 to the 30th of November of 2018, in Schruns, Austria, the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) held its General Assembly. This institution, certifies and regulates the mountain guide profession of more than 25 country members worldwide, building reciprocity and job opportunities all throughout the world. The Haus des Gastes was the “base camp” for these days, where several board meetings and technical and political workshops took place. The workshops developed during these days where “Short Rope” and “Mobility and Platform Evolution ( Quality Assurance aspect o IFMGA strategy, structure & governance o Accident debriefing from Germany / « static » belays )”   
President Christian Trommsdorff from France welcomed all participating members and read the apologies from the Bolivia and New Zealand whose delegations could not attend. The president greeted specially Carolina Adler, President of the Mountain Protection Commission UIAA,  honorary members Hans Bergmann, Cesare Cesa Bianchi, Peter Cliff, Nils Farlund, Alexis Mallon, Armin Oehrli, delegate from Candidate member Georgia Nick Erkomaishvili, guest from Mountain Guides Associations from Russia and Chile: Alexey Shustrov and Nicolas Palma Meyer and honorary Members Hermann Biner, Peter Kimmig, Ernst Konzett sent their greetings to the assembly. 
In memory of all the deceased mountain guides and especially of our honorary member Leo Caminada, the GA raised to a minute's silence. 
The main focus of the IFMGA during 2018 where:  
  • Mobility 
  • Platform evolution / quality assurance 
  • Big step in EEU project with completion of 1st intake (14 new guides certified by ENSA)
  • Multinational curriculum developed for 2nd intake in collaboration with 4 central EU countries
  • Communication: new website launched in April & social media started in June 
For detailed draft activity report for 2018 until November is available on the IFMGA admin page. 
During this three day event, several points concerning the yearly work where discussed. The summary of the decisions taken is: 
  1. Discharging of the board's financial responsibilities: The delegates voted unanimously for discharging the board for 2017. 
  2. Application from the board for a central database: The delegates agree unanimously to the project and assure the support. The prerequisite is that the European data protection directive can be complied with. 
  3. Applications to change bylaws: Delegates decide on modifications for ART. 7, 13, 19., 22, 25 and 26. See page 5 – 8. 
  4. Program and Budget 2019 The delegates voted unanimously for the proposed budget 2019 and program. All projects are expected to be described. Responsible person, objectives, milestones and budget must be clearly described and available to the delegates. 
  5. Elections in the board : 
  • Romain de Lambert (France) – 23 associations for, 0 abstention, 0 against 
  • Cesare Cesa Bianchi (Italy) – 21 associations for, 1 abstention, 1 against 
  • Diego Wellig (Switzerland) 17 associations for, 3 abstentions, 3 against

       6. Re-Election Secretary Emanuel Wassermann: Unanimously re-elected for the period 2019 to 2021. 

Besides the members meetings, as is it a tradition, the IFMGA Climbing Cup was held in which several members participated joining local and international guides. At the same time, various CPD programs for mountain guides also where developed, as part of the plan to have not only the delegates joining the meeting in Schruns but also many mountain guides from around the world, transforming this event in an social international meeting for mountain guides.